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Of parents and children summary

Some Children may be a bit slow and the parents may put a lot of pressure for the toddler to walk that it may intimidate and discourage the child. This may also apply to a grown person where pressure is exerted from parents for example in education or sports that the child may become discouraged. Therefore as much as parents wants the best of their kids they should not set the bar so high that it de-motivates their children Expectations should be just ahead of the children capabilities so that they so as to not feel pressured or underestimated.

Parents want their children to be independent people who in the future can lead a meaningful life on their own.

What do parents say?

Therefore the parents start to teach their children to be independent. A child is let to do stuff that previously the parent used to do for them. For example a child is let to feed herself. Independence is earned as one grows and depending on the level of maturity shown by the child. No parent wants to be feeding a 13 year old and so all parents expect that their children will learn to be independent. However some parents have a hard time letting go of their children because they still want to be needed and this may slow down a child's road to dependency.

It's therefore important for parents to provide a conducive environment for their children to live up to their expectations. Discipline is a matter very close to parents because the society uses that mostly to judge a parent. It's every parents dream to have a disciplined child who is always on the right side of the law.

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Discipline entails many things such as respect, obedience and many others. The society judges very harshly the parents of those children or even grownups who are always in trouble with the law because it seem as a failure by the parent to instill discipline or values to the child. Therefore it's every parent's expectations that their children will grow up to be law abiding citizens.

It's normally said that if you do not stand for anything, you will fall for anything. Parents want their children to share in their values and principles.

Every parent wants a child who can fight for what they believe in and who are not easily influenced by what other people are doing. Most parents want their children to share in their values and sometimes as children gain their independence they tend to drift away from the ideals of their parents. This however should not be cause for acrimony as long as the values the children hold are not harmful to the child or society.

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The major expectation that parents have for their children is that they may excel in life. Be it academically, socially or even spiritually, our parents want us to become the best we can be. To achieve this they sacrifice to get us to the best of schools so that we can get quality education and later contribute to the society.