And while stating our opinion,where asked, in any type of essay what should be the arrangement of BPs.

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In agree disagree essay,the BP should be only according to our answer,e. Is using semicolon instead of periods and commas in some sentences is better and gives more points? A direct essay is one where you are given specific questions to answer. On the whole, you have one body paragraph for each question. Q: artist have low salaries. Do you think the government should provide a buget for them to increase their salaries? Arts play an important role in our lives and artists should be compensated accordingly.

However, in my opinion, the government should focus their budget more on critical issues in our society such as poverty, education and health. In this essay, I will discuss the importance of allocating the budget to these social problems. To begin with, the government should concentrate on issues that directly affects the people in the society. The public funds should spend to create jobs to unemployed, promote education by creating more schools and provide affordable hospitalization and medical programs to the poor.

These are vital in order for the society to function. Ultimately, when these problems has been resolved, economy will prosper, thus, increasing the budget of the government. On the other hand, arts also generate income from entrace fees in the museum and art galleries.

Some people enjoy arts and have financial capacity to spend money for arts. However, these does not warrant concrete reason for artists to get an increased on their salary. Just a question in the second paragraph.

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