HC session dates, paper number. House of Commons, National savings investment deposits: account London: National Audit Office. House of Lords, Year. HL session dates, paper number. House of Lords, Social fund maternity and funeral expenses bill. London: HMSO. House of Commons or Lords, Year. Bills session dates, bill number. Local government finance bill. Ministry of Defence, Delivering security in a changing world: defence white paper.

London: TSO. Name of statutory instrument date [Online], number, place of publication: publisher. Party names. Volume number if available. Law report abbreviation start page. European Commission, General report on the activities of the European Union Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union. Alessandrini Srl and others v. Title , Scale. Andrews, J. Map of Wiltshire , 1 inch to 2 miles. Devizes: Wiltshire Record Society.

Beethoven, L. Symphony no.

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Harmondsworth: Penguin. Haurant, S. The Guardian , 29 July, p. The Independent, Picking up the bills. The Independent , 4 June, p. Page numbers and column letters can only be included if you are referencing a printed newspaper article or PDF equivalent. Originator [i.

Reference List: Electronic Sources (Web Publications)

Title of patent. Series designation which may include full date. Phillipp Morris Inc. Optical perforating apparatus and system. European patent application A1. Preprints are electronic articles that are yet to be formally published e. The University of Bath's Research Portal is an example of a digital repository. Place of publication: Publisher if stated.

Shah, I. How should central banks respond to non-neutral inflation expectations?

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Author, Year. Report or working paper number, if given. BRE, Designing quality buildings: a BRE guide.

Report Bracknell: BRE. Standards issuing body, year published. Standard number and Title. BSI, BS Recommendations for citing and referencing published material. London: BSI. ASTM, Moran, C. Chakrabarti, V. Series title: Episode number, Title of episode , Year. Transmitting organisation and channel, full date. Time of transmission. BBC2, 23 August. The Archers , BBC Radio 4, 23 August.

Reference List: Other Print Sources

Designation type. Name of institution. Burrell, J. The importance of school tours in education. Thesis M. Interviews can include interviews that you have conducted yourself. If you make use of unpublished written material , you can follow the reference examples below. If you want to refer to personal communications in your writing, you do not need to include a reference to them as there is effectively nothing to reference. All you can do is cite them in your text. You can find more information on how to cite personal communications under section 12 of the 'Write a citation' tab.

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Harris, G. Focus group recommendations: internal task group report.

Theses and Dissertations

Hadley, S. Biomechanics: introductory reading, BM sport biomechanics. University of Bath.

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