The Department of the Air Force deleted the following information to protect the privacy of observers of unidentified flying objects and others who furnished information to the Air Force: the names, addresses, and other information which identifies the observers and portions of investigative reports which identify persons who provide information about the observers and which include information of a personal and private nature, chiefly medical and financial data, that was gathered about the observers.

Traditionally, the third fold in some flag-folding ceremonies honors and remembers veterans for their sacrifice in defending their country and promoting peace in the world.

Project Blue Book Episode 1: The Fuller Dogfight

Javascript required: We're sorry, but Fold3 doesn't work properly without JavaScript enabled. You will need to enable Javascript by changing your browser settings. The History series predictably sensationalizes and overdramatizes case investigations and the historical figures involved, adding many story elements that simply never happened.

The central character of the TV series, the prominent astronomer J.

But he gradually realized that the bizarre objects were real and needed further scientific attention. Though he never saw a supposed alien creature floating in a tank or crashed in a plane while recreating a reported U. While Hynek was involved, Blue Book compiled reports of 12, sightings of unidentified flying objects, of which remain unexplained to this day. This time, however, there was no public agency to accommodate reports of incidents, even when hundreds of witnesses were involved.

Unidentified flying object

We learned through documents from the Pentagon program, and from interviews with participants, that the mystery of the elusive flying objects is still far from solved , and that not enough was being done to address that problem almost 50 years since the close of Blue Book. It all began in According to government officials at the time, the estimate was rejected by General Hoyt Vandenberg, the Air Force chief of staff. From then on, the proponents of the off-planet hypothesis lost ground, with Vandenberg and others insisting that conventional explanations be found.

Project Sign eventually evolved into Project Blue Book, with the aim of convincing the public that flying saucers could be explained.

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Yet behind the scenes, authorities grappled with something sobering: well-documented U. In , the office of Maj.

John Samford, the Air Force director of intelligence, briefed the F. Air Intelligence had largely ruled out an earthly source, the F.

The Best Photos Of ‘UFOs’ We Found In The Newly-Released Project Blue Book Collection - Digg

He pops up in the report for the strange encounter in La Veta on Nov. Investigators interviewed Taylor at the State Capitol. The object was greenish-blue in color and appeared jelly-like.

Die Drei vom Pfandhaus

The object was silent and flew ten miles before it disappeared over Mt. He estimated the speed of the object to be about half the speed of a meteorite.

Project Blue Book Easter Egg and Reference Guide

The object first appeared to be a shooting star, the Littleton man told U. Air Force investigators in , but then suddenly changed course and color as it drifted off into the horizon and ultimately disappeared. The couple said they spotted a cigarette-shaped object creating a strange vapor trail.

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  5. The object was white in color and glowing at the top. The couple told investigators that the object was moving too slow to be a jet.