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Green is also used to represents the power of money which Gatsby has plenty of. Until the end Gatsby is hopeful that he can win Daisy with this power of Money. Perhaps the greatest and most important representation of Green color in The Great Gatsby is the green light mentioned at the end of the novel which is used to depict that Gatsby remains a dreamer throughout.

This color thus represents an orgiastic future or romantic reunion which Gatsby continues to believes in. Golden, brass or Gold has been used nearly 15 times in the novel. Traditionally, these colors symbolize wealth and riches and particularly old wealth.

Great Gatsby Color Symbolism

It is also believed that Tom is Gold while Gatsby is Green. This is again used for representing old money. In chapter 7, Golden tea is served at the grey tea hour which indicates the turning light. Gold turning to yellow is used often through use of sentences like Yellow press, or yellow cocktail music etc to symbolize beauty, old money and even sometimes, negativity. Daisy is of course the Golden girl but the author has also used white used 49 times to show fairness and innocence of her character.

In fact, Fitzgerald has used white color symbolism very effectively to portray Daisy character.

Color Symbolism in The Great Gatsby: Black

Experts who have studied the novel in depth often use the example of an egg which is white on the outside but yellow inside to show Daisy to explain this character. She seems pure and innocent outside but inside she is yellow and corrupt- just like an egg. White is also vital to the novel as it has been used for portraying beauty, cleanliness, wealth, innocence, purity and also laziness and virginity. Red and gold books, wine colored rug, crimson room, pink suit, red circle on water etc are used for depicting richness, elegance, danger, tastelessness and death respectively.

Black wheel represents mourning, black wreath shows nervousness and black rivulets show sorrow. Black is also used to represent injury and gloomy setting. The Great Gatsby is one of the most visual pieces of literature and many different colors are used repeatedly for its different characters. For example, white is used for Daisy as Gatsby continues to think of her as his innocent bride, whereas she is actually yellow or corrupted.

Gatsby on the other hand is mostly linked with Green.

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Thus, Fitzgerald has used color symbolism in The Great Gatsby to literally paint a vivid canvas. He uses the color yellow to symbolize moral decay decadence and death. Then he uses the color white to symbolize innocence.

Great Gatsby Color Symbolism

He also uses the color green to express hope. Fitzgerald's use of the color green the strongest. Although these are not the only colors that Fitzgerald uses for symbolism, they are the ones that he expresses the most.

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This book is a very colorful book in the sense that it uses colors to cover so many different aspects of peoples lives. Fitzgerald uses the color yellow to symbolize moral decay. On Page 18 he writes " The lamp-light, bright on his boots and dull on the autumn-leaf yellow of her hair.

Colors in The Great Gatsby Essay - Words | Major Tests

In the book there are several things that Tom does that might prove this. First of all Tom is having an affair with Myrtle Wilson. A second thing is that he does not like Gatsby, and several times he tries to prove that he is not who he says he is. Tom even hires a detective to prove this. Gatsby's car was referred to many times in the book, but it was always referred to as "The yellow car" Page The color yellow was used most frequently when there was a death.

One of the first things that Fitzgerald wrote about when Myrtle died was when they laid her on a table in the garage.

Free The Great Gatsby Color Essays and Papers Color essay great gatsby

He wrote "The garage, which was lit only by a yellow light in a swinging wire basket overhead" page. Wilson her husband was in a dazed state, and kept referring to his car only as the "Yellow car" Page "That big yellow car" Page That car led to Gatsby's demise. Just before Gatsby was shot by Wilson, Gatsby decided he was going to take a swim in his pool. He had not used it all summer. The chauffeur helped Gatsby fill up a mattress he was going to use in the pool. Once he stopped and shifted it a little, and the chauffeur asked him if he needed help, but he shook his head and in a moment disappeared among the yellowing trees.

Green is a very strong color in this book. It symbolizes hope. Gatsby and Daisy had met for a short time before he went off to war. When he returned he knew that Daisy had married Tom. He desperately wanted to get back together with her. So much so that he bought a house where he could see Daisy's house from his. Gatsby was able to pick out a green light at the end of her dock, and often looked toward it.

I feel that green was symbolized as the deepest feeling in this book. Gatsby was so close to his dream of being with Daisy. He worked hard to get where he was, but before he could achieve his dream his life was ended. Another color that was used frequently was white.

It symbolized innocence.

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  • Page 75 Jordan Baker talks about Daisy, "She dressed in white and drove a little white roadster. He also expressed that thought when he says she had a white girlhood on Page