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One evening, Leonard sits down with James and tells him a heart-wrenching story about his upbringing and how he landed in the clinic. In the cafeteria, Lilly slides James a scrap of paper, which tells him to meet her in the clearing outside of the clinic. James and Lilly often meet for long periods of time, kissing, holding each other, and talking.

A Million Little Pieces

The relationships with Lilly and Leonard are two of the truest that James has ever known. Though seeing them is upsetting, James decides to participate. During a critical session, James finds out that he had an ear infection throughout his early childhood that made him scream and cry, which his parents left untreated.

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Also, he finds out that his grandfather had a drinking problem. As is his way in most areas of his life, James wants to go it alone and do things deeply and completely—this includes taking all responsibility for his condition. His addiction, he believes, is no illness.

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It is a weakness. It can only be overcome by taking full ownership. Once he comes to this conclusion, things begin to change for James.

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Although their early departure upsets James, their good-byes are on good terms. Soon after, James finds out from a distraught Lilly that her grandmother is gravely ill and only has a short time to live.

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  • Lilly runs away from the clinic, and James literally runs off after her. Chapter 1.

    A Million Little Pieces Summary

    Chapter 2. Chapter 3. Chapter 4. Chapter 5. Chapter 6. Chapter 7. Chapter 8. Chapter 9. Chapter Free Quiz. The people who live there are desperate and pitiable, we are told, just as much as they are brutal and superstitious.

    She was born to Mormon fundamentalist parents in Idaho, the youngest of seven. Her father Gene was the prophet of their small family, convinced the world was going to end at the stroke of the millennium.

    A Million Little Pieces |

    He does not believe in sending his children to school, but does believe that dairy products are sinful, owing to a message from God. She finds some independence in her roles as a kind of faith healer and as an experienced but apparently unlicensed midwife. That all these activities appear somewhat contrary to Mormon religious doctrine is something Westover never explicitly addresses.

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    • Cars driven by exhausted family members crash during long drives, but hospitals and western medicine are forbidden so injuries persist and fester. An amazing number of freak accidents befall the male Westovers: leg shreddings, burnings.