I then question myself about what is stopping myself from developing in such way with a normal childhood.

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Upon finishing I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, I took away many reasons why this book will help my personal and professional development. I never experienced a traumatic childhood quite the way Angelou did. Therefore, I should be more thankful for the loving family I have, the non-prejudice community I live in, my safety, and my college education. If Angelou was as victorious as she was all while enduring major hardships, then there is no excuse for me not to be.

This book has also taught me, even though I may not see it, that people do go through hardships.

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For example, when Angelou took a vow of silence after her rape, no one understood why she was doing it. There is always a reason for why a person acts in the way that they do. As a professional, I will do my best not to judge anyone on the outside because I have no idea what goes on in their personal life. As a future occupational therapist, I will try to have my clients open up to me. Therefore, I can find out what is going on in their personal life and not judge them, but help them instead.

I may have an impact on a clients life just by giving them an equal opportunity. There are many questions I raised and areas that I would like to learn more about upon finishing the autobiography of Maya Angelou.

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